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Austin Foodies on Instagram

How do you discover new restaurants in Austin?

I’ve got a secret to share.

Apart from reading Austin food blogs and talking to friends, I find out about new places and dishes in Austin through the photo sharing service Instagram. While Instagram wasn’t specifically created for sharing what’s good to eat, many Austin foodies use Instagram as a photo diary, which of course includes what they are eating!

Also, because Instagram lets users geotag their photos, clicking on the Geotag of a restaurant allows you easily find the location on a map and browse through many of the dishes at the same place. Hastags allow us to share photos with other users using that hashtags – I’m trying to get more people to use the #austinfood hashtag to better share dishes around Austin.

The following list includes Instagrammers with good taste in food, who help me find new restaurants or help me discover new dishes at restaurants I already love. Many of these folks are first on the scene when a new restaurant opens in Austin and make great recommendations through their pics:

supertsai – shameless plug for my account

Finally, I’ve updated the Austin Chefs and Restaurants on Instagram post that I wrote a few months ago. On that list, you can now find:


If you have other Instagram accounts you want to share, let us know in the comments!

Happy Tasting,

Guide to Texas Hill Country Restaurants and Wineries

Because Austin is smack in the middle of Texas, there are many destinations nearby for day trips or overnight visits. There’s something for you within a 1-2 hour drive, whether an outdoor adventure or a relaxing evening sipping wine at a bed and breakfast.

In this Texas Hill Country edition of the Austin Food Bloggers 2012 City Guide, we’re going to explore hidden gems to the West of Austin in the Texas Hill Country.

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The Peached Tortilla in Austin, Texas – Food Photo Friday

It’s always great to see good restaurants evolve and refine their menu as they continue to experiment and take their food to new places. The Peached Tortilla (which happens to be one of my favorite food trucks in town) is no exception, as owner and fellow Atlanta to Austin transplant Eric Silverstein (@peachedtortilla) and chef Lou Cantu (@Lou_PeachedTort) have been getting more and more creative with their fushion / mashup style mobile food.

If you haven’t been to the trailer in a while, today’s post shows off some of their newest creations in picture form.

Click through to see more pictures from the Peached Tortilla

Happy Birthday & TastingBuds Year In Review

We almost didn’t realize it until someone asked how long the blog has been around, but the TastingBuds Blog is over a year old! To celebrate we’ll recap some of our favorite posts, photos, and favorite moments from the past year!

Thanks to all of our readers for visiting the blog and we’re grateful for the friendships we’ve made on the Internet and in real life as well.

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A Tasting Buds Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Candy Turkey

  • Turkey Treats by Kaetlan

As the Tasting Bud who claims not to cook, I surprised everyone last Thanksgiving when I volunteered to bring a side dish to the feast. We were expecting more than 30 family members and friends, so I had to come up with something good. I thought about three of the essential food groups: carbs, cheese, and bacon. You really can’t go wrong with that combination, so I opted to make macaroni and cheese. I can, however, tell you a little about my process.

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Parkside x2

Trinchero Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Trinchero Cabernet Sauvignon

For as long as I can remember, I have been more than willing to try any food, and really, any drink, at least once.  After all, isn’t a sense of culinary adventure the key ingredient to being a foodie?  Part of my adventurous nature is inherited from my Mexican lineage – memories of my childhood include pig slaughters, fish frys, and barbacoa for Sunday breakfast.  The other side is continually nurtured by wonderful people I meet along the path of food discovery – a motley crew of cooks, mixologists, and people who just love to eat.  Mollejas (sweetbreads)? Sure. Chicken liver pate? Bring it on. Duck rillette? Um…do you really have to ask?

Continue reading about the Tastingbuds’ Parkside adventure

FoodingBlog is now TastingBuds

We thought we were original using the name Foodingblog, but about a week ago we found out about a certain popular French company that also uses the word Fooding in their name.

Because we wish to respect the intellectual property of others, Foodingblog has now changed its name to TastingBuds, because that is what we are – a bunch of friends who love food and tasting all the world has to offer.

While we are sad to see the old name go, we love the new name because it better describes who we are and what we are all about (several of our Twitter followers have already commented that they like the new name too). Speaking of which, our Twitter address has changed too – we are now

If you liked our old blog, don’t worry – you will still have access to all of the great posts that were here before thanks to our techies Jon and Peter. We also have tons of new content planned for the next few months, so be on the lookout for more.

Thanks, we look forward to sharing more posts and making more friends in the food community!

Happy Tasting,

Harry Potter Feast at Alamo Drafthouse South

Harry Potter

Ok, I admit it.  I am a geek.  This fact is evidenced by, but not limited to, the following: I love to watch British Sci-Fi shows like Dr. Who and Torchwood; I recently purchased the original Star Wars soundtrack – on vinyl; I think Joss Whedon is brilliant; and I really wish I had tickets to Comic-Con last weekend. 

My geekiness extends, of course, to my choice in novels, with authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Douglas Adams, and J.K. Rowling occupying prominent places on my bookshelf.  Naturally, I have eagerly awaited the movie version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince pretty much since the book was published.  Having re-read Half-Blood Prince, the story was fresh in my mind, and I was ready to see these beloved characters on screen.  My plan was to see the film in its opening week at Alamo Drafthouse, because – as I’ve mentioned many times before – a pint of beer makes everything better.

I missed the infamous Hobbit Feast which accompanied the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so I was more than thrilled to find out about the Hogwarts Academy Feast to be presented with the screening of Half-Blood Prince.  The five course meal was inspired by the start of term feast enjoyed by Hogwarts students at the beginning of each book.

While I adore Alamo Drafthouse for their admirable beer list and usual fare, I was slightly apprehensive when I saw the menu for the Feast.  I was unsure how a kitchen which always produces such great pizza and fries would handle a terrine.  After a gracious welcome from Chef John Bullington, the room turned dark and our first course arrived.

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