Instant Pot Review: Are they worth it? Your important questions answered!

Is a pressure cooker worth it? And what are the pros and cons of an electric pressure cooker? I too once wondered these things before falling in love with my Instant Pot pressure cooker.

It’s undeniable that the cooking world has evolved and home cooks have benefited, thanks to modern technology. At my house, the kitchen is packed full of time-saving kitchen gadgets, and the pressure cooker is probably my favorite one. I’ll tell you why …

Pressure cookers: A fast-cooking secret weapon in the kitchen

There are so many foods that are easier to cook in the Instant pot. For example, this electric pressure cooker can cut cooking time on stews and broths down from 8 hours to just one. An Instant Pot also makes it simple to have tough cuts of meat falling off the bone in no time. Cooking dried beans an Instant pot can save you hours of time as well.

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