Food Partying with Thu Tran

Thu Tran from Food Party with Peter Tsai

Hello Friends and Lovers! As you probably already know, South by Southwest 2010 rolled through Austin like a freight train filled to the brim with free food and booze. Of course, the TastingBuds took full advantage.

Other perks of being in Austin during SXSW include catching amazing concerts and spotting celebrities in town for the week. This SXSW, Peter caught up with Thu Tran from Food Party, who just happens to be one of the TastingBuds’ favorite food show stars.

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Maker’s 46 Tasting Event

Makers Mark 46
Last Friday we had the privilege of participating in a Maker’s Mark bourbon tasting event at Frank. Maker’s Mark is a Kentucky based distillery that focuses their entire production facility to making just one product, the well known Maker’s Mark bourbon. That is until now.

The reason for the little event put on by Evins Communications, Ltd and Maker’s Mark was to give the Austin blogging community a preview of their new product, Maker’s 46. So what is Maker’s 46?

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Food Photo Friday – Community Table at the Hyatt SWB – Gratuitous Food Closeups


A few days ago, Peter was invited to the Community Table at the Southwest Bistro (SWB) in the Austin Hyatt for a tasting, which was perfect for this installment of Food Photo Friday because the food was beautiful!

The Bistro, despite turning out quality local food, might get overlooked because of the lack of visibility from the street level. So, keeping true to our mission statement, this post will hopefully help you discover tasty food, one delicious bite at a time by highlighting some of the dishes at the Southwest Bistro!

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Food Photo Friday – Austin Trailer Time

Mighty Cone Austin, Texas

Food Photo Friday is back, and this week’s installment is all about Austin Food Trailers and Food Trucks. Everyone knows that Food Trailers are all the rage in Austin now, and I’d wager that if you are downtown or on South Congress, you’re probably less than 3 blocks away from a food trailer or 5.

Over the months the TastingBuds have visited many of these hidden gems around town, and we’d like to share some of the photos we’ve taken along the way:

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