The fastest way to make fresh whipped cream: Make a small batch in 30 seconds!

Have you ever wanted to make a small amount of whipped cream for your coffee, pie, fruit, or honey toast, but don’t want to go through the mess of making a huge batch or buy a can of artificial stuff? Well, I have a solution for you that I use almost every day : use a handheld milk frother!

A handheld milk frother is a battery-powered gadget that looks like a mini whisk. It can whip air into liquids and create a light and fluffy texture. You can use it to make frothy coffee in seconds, and you can also use it to make whipped cream in less than a minute.

All you need is some heavy whipping cream, maple syrup, and any small cup. Here are the steps:

  1. Pour about 2 tablespoons of cold whipping cream into a cup You can adjust the amount depending on how much whipped cream you want, but don’t fill the cup more than halfway.
  2. If you want to sweeten your whipped cream, add small dash of maple syrup. Some people use powdered sugar, but maple syrup is perfect for this (there’s nothing to dissolve into your cream) and it adds a delicious flavor to your whipped cream.
  3. Start using the handheld milk frother to whip the cream for about 10 seconds on low, then gradually work it up a faster speed as the mixture stiffens to your desired consistency. Make sure you get the liquid at the bottom of the cup.
  4. That’s about it. Add your fresh whipped cream to whatever you want!

Pro tip: Sometimes I add hot chocolate powder to my cream to create a very quick and simple mousse.

You can make whipped cream whenever you want with this easy method. It’s perfect for when you only need a small amount or when you want to impress your guests with homemade whipped cream.

Some tips and tricks:

  • Make sure your whipping cream is very cold before you whip it. It will whip faster and better that way.
  • Use a small and deep container to whip the cream. You want to submerge the whisk end of your milk frother before you start it, or you risk splattering cream everywhere.
  • Avoid using a ceramic cup. The frother might scratch the finish on the bottom. I usually make whipped cream in a small stainless steel cup (for kids) or a small juice cup made of glass.
  • Some models have a larger coil, which allows you to whip your cream faster. The model I use has a double coil, which works great.

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned how to make whipped cream with a milk frother. If you try this method, let me know how it turned out in the comments below!