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Food Photo Friday – Community Table at the Hyatt SWB – Gratuitous Food Closeups


A few days ago, Peter was invited to the Community Table at the Southwest Bistro (SWB) in the Austin Hyatt for a tasting, which was perfect for this installment of Food Photo Friday because the food was beautiful!

The Bistro, despite turning out quality local food, might get overlooked because of the lack of visibility from the street level. So, keeping true to our mission statement, this post will hopefully help you discover tasty food, one delicious bite at a time by highlighting some of the dishes at the Southwest Bistro!

Click here to check out some tasty food photos from Southwest Bistro

Food Photo Friday – Red Rules

Crawfish at the 2010 SXSouthLamar Crawfish Boil

Everyone likes pretty pictures, and everyone knows that a picture speaks a thousand words. When out enjoying the Austin food scene, we’re often taking cool photos of food that don’t necessarily justify an entire blog post… until now. We’re starting a new series called Food Photo Friday, where we can share lots of mini food adventures that we’ve been having and just let the pictures do most of the talking.

Click on through to check out the pictures