5 New Restaurants in Austin, Texas – A Pictorial Roundup (May 25th, 2012)

It’s a great time to live in Austin for foodies. It seems that every few days, a new restaurant is opening up somewhere in the city.  A couple of years ago it was easy to know about all of the restaurant openings around town, but now it’s almost impossible to keep up.

Now that Austin has become the place to move to for many (including entrepreneurs and restaurateurs) it feels like the city has hit a tipping point where the food scene is changing in profound ways as new flavors and cuisines are introduced.

Whether at a new sit down restaurant or trailer or food truck, Austinites have more food options than ever.

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Taiwanese Pork Rice Recipe ( 魯肉飯 / 滷肉飯 )

Photo by Yohmi via Flickr

When I think about childhood, I immediately remember mom’s home cooking. When I think of comfort food, I don’t think of meatloaf and fried chicken like many other Americans – I think about Taiwanese street food. One of my favorites is a savory, flavor packed pork dish that’s quite simple to make at home.

Back in the motherland you can get Taiwanese pork rice (魯肉飯 / 滷肉飯 / lu rou fan) in any street market and in many Taiwanese style restaurants. I haven’t found it here in Austin, Texas so I have to make my own using mom’s recipe.

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