Austin Chefs & Restaurants on Instagram

Instagram photo of raw oysters taken by @supertsai

We all know that a huge number of chefs, restaurants, and foodies have websites, blogs and Twitter accounts. Social media is an excellent platform for us to talk about and share pictures of the food we so love.

Instagram is a simple social media platform with an emphasis on a single photo per post. Instagram’s visual and instant nature makes it a perfect medium to show off what you are currently eating or cooking.

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Forget Chocolate Milk – Banana Milk Is Where It’s At

I don’t remember the last time I had chocolate milk.  It’s too sweet, tastes more like powder mix than any good chocolate I’ve ever had, and drinking it out of  paper milk cartons ruins the entire experience. It used to taste good when I was 12, but it’s not suited for adult tastes.

Don’t even get me started on strawberry milk, that’s gross.

Just when I was about to turn my back on flavored milk altogether, I discovered something delicious on a recent trip to Korea… sweet banana flavored milk!

Why hasn’t anyone in the United States thought of this?

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