Forget Chocolate Milk – Banana Milk Is Where It’s At

I don’t remember the last time I had chocolate milk.  It’s too sweet, tastes more like powder mix than any good chocolate I’ve ever had, and drinking it out of  paper milk cartons ruins the entire experience. It used to taste good when I was 12, but it’s not suited for adult tastes.

Don’t even get me started on strawberry milk, that’s gross.

Just when I was about to turn my back on flavored milk altogether, I discovered something delicious on a recent trip to Korea… sweet banana flavored milk!

Why hasn’t anyone in the United States thought of this?

How does Korean banana milk taste?

To me, banana milk has a subtle, creamy banana milkshake like taste that isn’t super sweet so it’s more  palatable to adult taste buds.  It reminds me of a lighter and less artificial tasting banana pudding (the kind you put Nilla wafers in).  In the picture above, you can see that the actual color of banana milk is closer to white than the neon yellow of banana pudding.

Try it, you’ll like it!


Where can I get banana milk?

Korea, where it is ubiquitous in super markets and 7-eleven style convenience stores.

In the US and abroad, you will have to go to a Korean grocery store.

In Austin, Texas I’ve seen it at HanYang Market on Lamar and Airport Blvd selling in packs of 6 (see the first picture in this post).  A six pack costs about 7 dollars.

If you are interested in learning more about Korean food in Austin, check out our Austin Guide to Korean Food.


Happy Tasting!


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  1. I had that banana milk when I went to Korean this summer, is was awesome, so much better than chocolate milk or any other flavor milk. LOVE IT!!

  2. An interesting related point…I discovered Banana Puffs at MT Supermarket on North Lamar! It’s like cheese puffs…but sweet banana puffs…they’re awesome!

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