Cooking with a heat gun: Searing meat, roasting marshmallows with super-hot air

What if I told you a household tool could be used to sear all kinds of food — including steaks — indoors, with no smoke, and no chemical odors?

From sous vide steak, to chicken skin, to marshmallows, I’ve been using a powerful tool that puts out super-hot air to cook all sorts of foods. And when I say power tool, literally this kitchen gadget was originally designed for industrial purposes.

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Published in the Austin-American Statesman!

While most of our articles are published online, from time to time articles written by one of the TastingBuds appears in print. We’ve done interviews before and even appeared on TV, but we haven’t had a full feature in another publication … until now. Recently Peter’s enthusiasm for the convenience of air fryers spilled over into a three-page story for the local newspaper, The Austin American-Statesman.

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