Food Photo Friday – Austin Trailer Time

Mighty Cone Austin, Texas

Food Photo Friday is back, and this week’s installment is all about Austin Food Trailers and Food Trucks. Everyone knows that Food Trailers are all the rage in Austin now, and I’d wager that if you are downtown or on South Congress, you’re probably less than 3 blocks away from a food trailer or 5.

Over the months the TastingBuds have visited many of these hidden gems around town, and we’d like to share some of the photos we’ve taken along the way:

Mamboberry - Austin, Texas
Mamboberry, which had the best tasting Froyo (Frozen Yogurt) in our comparison last year, at it’s South Congress location. The first image is of Mighty Cone (owned by Hudson’s on the Bend), also in the same food trailer park on SoCo.

Gordough's Trailer - Bacon Donut!
Local favorite and guilty pleasure, Gourdough’s. This airstream trailer is the home of a bacon donut, a fried chicken donut, and about 20 other kinds of gourmet sweet donuts. I really liked the Canadian bacon flavor and something called Grandma’s pie.

Lucky J's Fried Chicken - Austin Texas Trailer
Lucky J’s Fried Chicken and Waffles at it’s old location on Burnet Rd. Not bad, but their chicken is the darkest fried chicken I’ve ever had. I think they put a lot of herbs in the batter that make it turn a dark brown when fried.

Odd Duck Farm to Trailer - Austin, Texas
Odd Duck Farm to Trailer – fancy farm raised, rich, local food for a low price (but portions are small). Anthony Bourdain supposedly dropped by here last week in addition to Gourdough’s, East Side King, and Perla’s.

Brevita, Gordough's, Odd Duck Trailer Park - Austin, TX
One more photo from the South Lamar complex shared by – Austin Brevita, Odd Duck, and Gourdoughs. This is the seating area that faces South Lamar and the shopping complex that houses Highball and the Alamo Drafthouse.

Crepes Mille - Austin Texas Airstream Trailer
Crepes Mille – South Congress based Airstream Trailer

Crepes Mille - Austin Texas Airstream Trailer
When we went to Crepes Mille, we tried the rotisserrie chicken and crepes Benedict. Both were excellent. Next time I go, I really want to try the sticky Mango crepe!

Austin Trailer Holy Cacao
Holy Cacao, where they concoct many different flavors of lollipop sized cake balls dipped in chocolate. This trailer is in the South Austin Trailer Park & Eatery next to Torchy’s.

We hope you enjoyed the TastingBuds photos of Food Trucks and Trailers (courtesy of Peter Tsai Photography). If you are looking for a comprehensive directory of the Food Trucks in Austin, Austin Food Carts has taken this to task. Check them out!

What are your favorite food trailers? Have photos of your own to share? Leave us a comment!

Thanks and happy Tasting!

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  1. mm, my favorite is Fliphappy and Gourdoughs but I still have quite a few more to hit up.
    I’m a little sad that Fliphappy has grown so much the last few years because it used to feel a bit more personal and the wait wasn’t half as bad as is now. thanks for sharing the photos, peter

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