Sugar Mama’s 1st Birthday Party Photos

Sugar Mama's sign August 29th, 2009 marked the one year anniversary of Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop. Olivia welcomed this landmark date with a huge backyard birthday party reminiscent of childhood celebrations, complete with food courtesy of Casserole Queens, two giant cakes, ice cream, and vodka from Tito’s (well reminiscent except for the booze part). Hundreds of cupcake lovers braved the heat and long lines to attend the party and from what I observed everyone had a great time.

Sugar Mama’s used the birthday party to make the announcement that they would now be selling mini pies. To launch their new product in style, Olivia hosted a ridiculously messy mini pie eating contest… Austin Cupcake Smackdown 1.0 eating champion Chris Floyd defeated all other challengers and took home the first prize valued at $350!

Sugar Mama's eating contest
Chris Floyd (right) showing us how it’s done

We wish Sugar Mama’s and Olivia all the best and many continued years of success. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the photos from the eating contest!


Leslie Cochran and the Casserole Queens
Leslie Cochran waits for delicious food from the Casserole Queens

Sugar Mama's pie eating contest
The full field of pie eaters

Sugar Mama's backyard
Sugar Mama’s backyard

Sugar Mama's pie eating contest

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