Austin Froyo Update – Addition of YummyYo

yummyyoIn our comparison of remarkable downtown Frozen Yogurt stores, YummyYo in the 360 building was still pretty new and somehow flew beneath our radar when scouting out Froyo places.

I had the chance to swing by YummyYo a few weeks ago and it’s very solid. Their original tart flavor is probably a bit better than Yogurt Spot and their green tea flavor is excellent as well. I would rank them both as 2nd in taste behind Mamboberry. I also got to try their cookies and cream flavor which was surprisingly excellent (not chemical-y tasting like some of the other yogurt places around town).

The interior is close to being on par with Yogurt Spot, although due to it’s heart of downtown location, the seating area at Yummy Yo isn’t quite as large. Probably also due to the size of the shop, Yummy Yo has a smaller selection than the other shops in town, with 8 flavors vs 16 at most others. 4 of the flavors are there on a permanent basis and the other 4 swap out every once in a while.

Parking might be an issue at YummyYo especially at night when everyone starts to filter into the restaurants and bars. During the day it isn’t so bad but you might have to pay a meter during the weekdays between 8:30-5:30.

YummyYo is a great option if you are downtown on west 2nd street and you want a quick dessert. I’m not sure how many people know about this place since it’s a little hidden and surrounded by so many other restaurants, but by all means check this place out and head over to the 360 building for a quick treat if you are in the area.

3 thoughts on “Austin Froyo Update – Addition of YummyYo”

  1. Thanks for this update, my fellow fro-yo lover! YummyYo is #3 on my list behind Yogurt Spot and Yogurt Planet, but I know a few people who rank it #1 out of all three (not including MamboBerry). With Yogurt Spot open at 5th & Lamar and easy parking, I wonder how YummyYo will do …

  2. When I went to Yummy Yo they had run out of half of their flavors and had a skimpy selection of topping. It was quite the bad first impression … To be honest, I’m surprised they’re still open! You kind of make me want to try them again, though!

  3. i have a couple of friends who live at 360 and for a while would walk by yummyyo when i visit but they were always closed because i only visited when we went downtown

    i never thought to describe froyo as ‘chemically’ till YOU introduced that concept to me.

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