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It is that time of year in Austin when the promise of the temperature breaking below triple digits is just around the corner. Until then, you need to actively seek some form of icy goodness to keep you cool. Lick grants serious ice cream aficionados (aka toddlers) and foodies alike an amazing array of flavors to choose from. Trust me, no matter how strange the flavor sounds, you are in for a delectable treat.

Portions are just right
Lick serves up their ice cream in gelato sized (earth friendly) cups. Not being a huge dessert eaters – we usually get a couple of scoops to share among 2 people and it’s just right.

All of the ice cream at Lick is made on site and is described as “honest” ice cream. Lick calls their ice cream honest because they source all of their ingredients locally, fresh, and in season. They will NEVER add artificial flavorings, HFCS to their ice creams either. The result is an ice cream that is smooth and full of flavor.

I opted for the Fresh Mint & Chocolate Chunk (above), although I tasted several of their more unique flavors. Overall, Lick provides some truly amazing ice cream. It is the perfect solution for a hot summer day (or after eating at Henris) or Barley Swine.

Lick Ice Cream: A second (raving) opinion by Peter

I live a 3 minute walk from Lick. It has become my default weekend dog walking / after lunch destination for the hot Texas summer days for several reasons:

Unique & flavors that push the envelope.
Where else in Austin can you eat bacon, sweet potato, lemon lavender, goat cheese & thyme, strawberry basil, salted caramel and beet ice cream flavors? I feel like Willy Wonka eating bizarre yet delicious food combinations together in a bowl. Flavors rotate quite often depending on the season, so there’s always something new to try.

Sweet but not too sweet
At most ice cream shops, I take 3 bites then I’m ready to call it quits. The flavors are too sweet or overpowering for refined adult taste buds. Not at lick – the desserts satisfy the sweet tooth without overwhelming. Think fancy dessert at a regular ice cream price.

Portions are just right
When eating desserts, I usually just want a few bites then I’m done. I’m also the guy who goes to a buffet and tries a tiny bite of EVERYTHING. Lick allows me to do the same – scoops are served in a gelato sized bowl and you can get up to 3 small scoops. Usually 2 or 3 scoops are enough for us to share among 2 people.

Cool local feel
Everyone in Austin loves supporting local businesses. Lick feels like a neighborhood spot, they accept the Go Local card, and you gotta love the cow decor.

If you haven’t been yet, make your way down to Lick to try some interesting gourmet ice cream!

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