Austin food you can make at home

Austin Food you can Enjoy Anywhere (no matter where you live)

Austin is a great destination for foodies. There’s an abundance of great BBQ, Mexican food, hip restaurants and cafes, food trucks, and bars in the capital Texas. But what if you don’t live close enough to try out the best places to eat in the ATX?

No worries… Even if you’re nowhere close, you can still get a taste some of the delicious foods Austin has to offer from the comfort your very own home, no matter where you live in the US.

Below you’ll find a list of great Austin food you can order online and have shipped straight to your door and copy-cat recipes you can make on your own.

Beef rib, brisket, and sausage from Terry Blacks

Best Austin BBQ you can order online

These top-notch BBQ joints will pack up and ship boxes of smoked meats to you anywhere in the United States!

Kreuz Market BBQ (619 N Colorado St, Lockhart, TX)
Located on the outskirts of Austin, Kreuz Market has has long been recognized as one of the best places to buy Texas BBQ. We like Kreuz so much that we crowned their meat as the best in “BBQ Capital of Texas.” In particular, Kreuz is known for their delicious briskets and sausages, jalepeno cheddar being my favorite. If you’re looking to splurge a little on authentic Texas BBQ, Kreuz is well worth it.

Black’s BBQ (locations in Austin and Lockhart, TX)
A close second to Kreuz in the battle for best BBQ in Lockhart, Blacks is no slouch. At it’s best, their brisket is well blackened with a delicious rub on the outside and moist and fatty on the inside (just like it should be). Blacks also makes delicious sausages and beef short ribs, which are somewhat of a rarity and well worth trying if you enjoy intense beef flavor mixed with a healthy amount of decadent fat.

The Salt Lick (locations throughout Austin area)
While not necessarily the best tasting BBQ overall, The Salt Lick edges out Franklin BBQ as the most famous BBQ in Austin (trust me, I checked the Google Trends). That said, their BBQ is unique enough that it’s worth a try. Instead of being smoked in an offset smoker like at other Texas BBQ joints, it’s cooked over a large open pit and continuously basted to keep it moist.

Yellowbird hot sauce from Austin Texas

Austin sauces you can buy online

Whether you’re eating Texas BBQ, or any other delicious form of protein, sauces with Austin, Texas roots can help take your meal to the next level.

YellowBird Hot Sauce (found in many Austin restaurants)
A favorite condiment at many Austin-based restaurants, Yellowbird is an organic, preservative-free (yet shelf stable) hot sauce. I like to say that it’s an Austin Sriracha that has just as much flavor, but a little less heat so it won’t overpower your food like Huy Fung Sriracha can. Yellowbird also has a bit of a hint of a sweet pureed carrots and lime. Besides the jalepeno variety described above, Yellowbird also comes in a habanero version if you like a little more heat, and a Serrano type which is a bit tangier with less heat.

Torchy’s Hot sauce (served in Austin and beyond)
Declaring a best taco in Austin is a good way to start a fight in the Capital of Texas, so let’s just say that Torchy’s appears on many top 10 lists for it’s creative and non-conventional tacos. While you can’t get their tacos shipped to you unfortunately, you can buy their “diablo” hot sauce, which is a perfect way to kick things up a notch on eggs or tacos, and also happens to be a secret ingredient in their excellent queso (copycat recipe below).

Rudy’s BBQ “Sause” (locations throughout Texas)
Rudy’s is a quick-serve BBQ chain that has dozens of locations throughout Texas and beyond. While the BBQ is just decent, their sauce is great. Made primarily of tomatoes, vinegar, black pepper, and anchovies, this unique and tangy sauce is a crowd pleaser well worth trying. You can buy it direct from the link above, or on

The Salt Lick BBQ Sauces / Rubs (multiple Austin locations)
We already mentioned The Salt Lick BBQ for their tasty meats, but you should also know that their sauces are amazing. Part meat drippings and part teriyaki sauce (thanks to the Japanese roots of one of the owners), these unique sauces (one is a bit spicier than the other) are a huge hit in Texas, and go well on anything made of meat, especially brisket and linked sausages. The rubs aren’t bad either, as a matter of fact at the time of this writing, they had a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.

Stubb’s BBQ sauce (restaurant at 801 Red River St, Austin, TX)
Stubbs is a local BBQ joint in downtown Austin known primarily for the live music venue attached to the restaurant instead of for their BBQ, but they do make a quite decent, highly-rated tangy sauce.

Coffee from Cuvee Coffee Austin Texas

Snacks and drinks from Austin

Beanitos (grain-free chips made of beans)
On the quest to eat fewer carbs, people have invented all sorts of creative ways to curb crispy cravings. These bean-based chip replacements taste pretty much just like tortilla chips, and are well worth a try.

Sweet Leaf Tea (organic beverages)
You might not know that the Sweet Leaf Tea story starts with a grandma’s recipe, and a desire to produce organic, high-quality beverages for the world to enjoy. The company has been headquartered in Austin, TX for decades.

Chameleon cold brew coffee
Delicious cold brew coffee made from 100% Arabica beans using a recipe that was developed in Austin, Texas. The coffee is available in many different flavors including vanilla, mocha, and mexican, all of which provide a smooth, robust taste.

Cuvee Coffee (2000 E 6th St, Austin, TX)
One of the best roasters in the Austin area, Cuvee carefully roasts these bags of coffee make great gifts

White Queso from Kerbey Lane - Austin, Texas

Austin Food you can make at home

Even if you can’t make it to Texas or order foods from your favorite Austin restaurants online, you can make close approximations of the ones in this list at home!

Salt Lick cole slaw
Perhaps the best cole slaw at a BBQ joint in Austin, this cole slaw doesn’t have any mayonnaise in it, instead opting for vinegar instead. So instead of being heavy, and creamy, this slaw is light and helps cut through the heaviness of eating fatty meat.

Rudy’s Cream Corn
This side dish isn’t good for you, but man it tastes good. When you add that much butter and cream to anything, the results are going to be pretty good.

Chuy’s jalapeno ranch dip
This sauce is available by request at Chuy’s one of the most popular places to get Tex-Mex in Austin. I’ve heard many refer to this as liquid crack, so use it with caution.

Torchy’s barbacoa taco (The Democrat)
This is my personal favorite taco at Torchy’s and judging by the many efforts by others to duplicate the recipe, it’s a hit among others as well.

Torchy’s queso
Torchy’s queso is one of the best in the city. But if you can’t easily get to a Torchy’s, that doesn’t help you much, now does it? Luckily, this copycat recipe can provide relief until you can make it there.

Kerbey queso
Kerbey queso (pictured above), like the Torchy’s queso features a delicious heap of guacamole swimming in velvety smooth white melted cheese

Other Austin Food-Related Brands available in other US cities

You might not know that many popular brands have roots here in Austin. So even if your feet aren’t currently planted in the ATX, you might still be able to eat Austin food near you. Click on the links below to find out if Austin food and drink products brands can be found in a location near you:

Best place to eat in Austin food and drink

This guide is part of the 2017 City Guide made by bloggers in the Austin Food Blogger Alliance. Check it out to learn more about for the best food and places to eat in Austin.