Best Asian Noodles in Austin

Where do you go for delicious Asian food in Austin? While the capitol of Texas hasn’t been known for top notch Asian food in the past, that reputation is changing. There are restaurants all over the city with one or two noodles dishes that can hang with the best of them.

So, where do you go for delicious, flavorful Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese noodle carby goodness?

Here are my personal Asian noodle favorites in Austin:

Ramen @ Ramen Tatsuya – Tonkatsu Ramen done right & cooked from scratch overnight. The flavors of the broth, while heavy, are the real deal and comparable to the great ramen spots around the country. My favorite is the Shoyu Tonkatsu broth served with a side of the sweet and sour yodas (brussel sprouts) to counteract the richness of the soup.

Beef Noodle Soup @ Rice Bowl Cafe – A huge bowl of hand made, thick, chewy noodles prepared by a chef with dozens of years of experience served in a light broth that’s full of flavor. Rice Bowl cafe is my favorite Chinese / Taiwanese restaurant in town because they cater to an Asian palate.

Pad Thai @ Thai Fresh – Pad thai done the right way, using the freshest ingredients possible, and no red sauce / ketchup, which is an American addition. The real flavor from Thai Fresh’s pad thai comes from fish sauce and onions, not ketchup.

Combination Flat Noodles @ Tan My – There’s something magical in the crispy flat noodles at Tan My – you can really taste that their wok is well seasoned and full of flavor

Austin Asian Noodle Honorable Mentions:

Chens Noodle House – Authentic lamb soup with hand cut noodles and tomatoes – intense lamb flavors that isn’t too heavy

Chen Z – Ma La Hot Pot with spinach noodles and ribeye steak – thick, al dente noodles served in a spicy broth not for the weak. Excellent with the garlic sauce served with the main course

Vietnamese Pho
  – Pho Danh – slightly lighter broth, very tasty chicken pho
  – Pho Saigon – The busiest pho restaurant in Austin – giant portions with prompt service
  – Pho Hoang – Hole in the wall Round Rock pho spot that’s quick, flavorful, and with no frills.

Newcomer Mention:
Hanabi – Japanese Fusion noodles – lighter version of Italian pasta mixed with Asian ingredients. The garlic shrimp pasta is pictured

For more information such as addresses and opinions from others on these restaurants, head to my Asian noodles guide on

Happy Tasting!

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  1. Yea, give Thai Fresh another try. They used to not cook things fresh, but now that they do it’s like a whole new restaurant (so much better food). Everyone loves the cooking classes there too.

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