The Simpsons Make Fun of Foodies

The Simpsons are cultural icons that have been a part of American and world pop culture for 20 years. During this time the show has featured played host to countless celebrities, politicians, and tentacled aliens and have parodied many cultural phenomenon in their 20+ year run.

With a show this popular, you know you’ve made it when the Simpsons make fun of you, and last week the Simpsons’s was all about poking fun at foodies! If you like food and haven’t seen the episode “The Food Wife” yet, you should watch this hilarious show about the food blog that Marge, Bart, and Lisa called “The 3 Mouthkateers”

The humor is dead on in the episode, and I thought to myself – some of these writers have to be big time foodies. This hunch was confirmed by this great interview with Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman, who is somewhat a foodie himself.

The episode is full of amazing quotes and one of the most hilarious parody songs I’ve ever heard that covers everything from food, celebrity chefs, to blogging and checking the page views, page views, page views…. (watch the credits and you’ll see what I’m talking about).

You have to watch this episode for yourself, which is available right now on Hulu for everybody for the next couple of weeks if you click on this link.

What was your favorite quote from the show? Mine has to be the one at 8:02 by snobby foodies about discovering Korean food before the Koreans or Bart’s review at 10:25 that says “An ostrich burger with buffalo mozzarella? It’s like a zoo exploded in my mouth!”