Gadget Review – The Limebrero Promises to get Lime Juice into your Beer Faster and More Efficiently

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Let’s celebrate with sombreros, Mexican beers, and a first from the TastingBuds! Yes, we are entering the age of new media with 720p HD video!

The following post is a video review of a new product that I heard about on the Diggnation show. The guys on the show liked the Limebrero, a hybrid fruit juicer / funnel that fits a standard beer bottle, so I thought I would give it a try.

I chatted with the Limebrero guys on Twitter asking if I could do a review for our food blog, and a few days later they not only sent me a Limebrero for review, they also included another product called the Lime Funnel.

Did the Limebrero work as advertised? Is this gadget actually more convenient than the old fashioned way of squeezing a lime into your favorite Mexican beverage (Dos XX in this case)?

To find out, either watch the short 2 minute video review, or

The Verdict:
Overall the Limebrero worked as promised. I could envision myself busting it out every time I needed to squeeze lemon or lime juice into a Corona or Dos XX. Heck, you could probably even squeeze orange juice into a Blue Moon.

The Lime Funnel however, wasn’t a big hit with me. True, it was a little more convenient than the normal way of shoving a lime into a beer bottle, but my hands still got messy. I think the benefits were outweighed by the inconvenience of having to track another gadget.

So, Limebrero = YES. It’s worth the $5.95 and it’s a fun toy to play with (who doesn’t want their beer to wear a hat?). It will be a hit at parties and something to talk about.

The lime funnel though, pass.

For more information about the Limebrero and Lime Funnel, go to the official Limebrero site.

Happy tasting!

4 thoughts on “Gadget Review – The Limebrero Promises to get Lime Juice into your Beer Faster and More Efficiently”

  1. I think some of the point of shoving the lime in the beer is that pieces of sour lime get stuck to the rim and make you cringe just a little before the cold, crisp, beer slides down your throat. Also, I can’t imagine bringing a lime-brero with you to parties! However, I do applaud the innovation and thought that went into creating these items. Also, nice job with the video!

  2. @Jodi – thanks! I agree with the comment about the lime skins making the beer sour! I did test drive Limebrero at a party last week and it was a big hit! We also juiced a lot of limes into Sangria and that was good too.

  3. haha, ‘makes for a good conversation starter’, and the happy face is a nice detail! My first visit, will check out this blog again!

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