Franklin BBQ Revisited

Franklin BBQ sauce - Austin, TX

Last September, Peter and I attended the Franklin BBQ preview party (see Backyard Eats post). The tasty bbq and fun, backyard atmosphere won us over immediately. Since they had their grand opening in December, we decided to return to see how things were going.

We arrived well before noon, and several of the picnic tables were already occupied with an early lunch crowd. The menu is perfectly simple: sandwiches, sides a la carte, and for heftier appetites, plates with your choice of meat, a side, and bread. Drinks include Sweet Leaf Tea, soft drinks and bottled water stored in a very cool vintage ice box.

Franklin BBQ trailer - Aaron Franklin chats with customers

I opted for the brisket sandwich, a potato salad side, and an ice-cold Topo Chico. For about $10 I got a full meal – a steal for a high quality lunch. The sandwich was heavy with thick slices of moist, flavorful brisket, and the espresso infused bbq sauce was the perfect complement.

Peter got the pulled pork sandwich, the pork is delicious as we mentioned in our previous post.

Next time he wants to try the Tipsy Texan Sandwich (half chopped beef, half sausage) – named after none other than the Tipsy Texan himself, David Allen (who happened to be at Franklin BBQ the same day we were).

Franklin BBQ - big thick brisket

As we ate, the lunch-time line continued to grow, and owner Aaron Franklin was behind the counter furiously working to keep up with customer orders. Once the rush was over, I got to chat with Aaron for a few minutes. He said business is booming, especially during lunch, and he usually sells out of everything by closing time at 4pm. Get there early if you want to pick up some plates for dinner!

Check their website for hours and directions:

Many of you got to check out Franklin BBQ on the recent Trailer Tour – Let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

Happy tasting,
Kristina + Peter

3 thoughts on “Franklin BBQ Revisited”

  1. Beautiful pics and glad you enjoyed. I went a bit later in the day and dined on some lovely brisket (especially enjoyed the crispy ends) along with their sides and banana pudding. The only item I wasn’t so into was the sausage…too crumbly. I love the staff, the atmosphere, everything about Franklin!

  2. I love Franklin BBQ. And I love the Tipsy Texan sandwich. Oh yeah… that’s my sandwich! Originally it came garnished with a rib, but they only do ribs by the rack or half rack right now to keep them from drying out. Some day…

  3. I’ve been to Franklin BBQ once and I can’t wait to get back!! My brisket sandwich was wonderful, but my husband swears that his pulled pork sandwich was better than my brisket. Next up will be the ribs!

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