Martha Stewart’s ‘Cupcakes’ Book Review

With the cupcake’s new found popularity, it comes as no surprise that the Queen of everything food/home/gardening/entertaining would quickly step up to release an all inclusive guide on Cupcakes.  Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes: 175 Inspired Ideas for Everyone’s Favorite Treat (link goes to arrived on my doorstep early last week, and I was hooked at first sight. The tasty cover photo and title sum up everything that this book is about – Cupcakes!

In true Martha form, anyone who reads this book will walk away more educated about the art of the cupcake and definitely inspired to bake. The book includes 175 recipes categorized into visually appealing sections including Swirled & Sprinkled,  Piped & Topped, and Birthdays!  Inside, the reader will find recipes running the gamut of cupcakes from the traditional Devil’s Food to the creative and exciting Amaretto-Pineapple Cupcake. Additional chapters of the book provide inspiration on Displaying, Icing, and Preparation and include Decorating Templates & Clip Art.

The recipes in the book are suitable for any occasion from simple after school snacks to formal events. There are recipes for every skill level: the novice baker will find many of the recipes quick and easy. The more experienced and patient baker will find new decorating challenges like the Sponge Sugar Crowned Cupcake. Either way, Martha Stewart provides detailed instructions, so success is (almost) assured.

No cookbook review would be complete without giving some of the recipes a trial run.  First up, from the ‘Swirled & Sprinkled’ section, was the Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache Frosting (see gallery below). Not only did they come together quickly, but the end result was a rich, moist cupcake full of fantastic chocolate flavor. Delicate and striking Coconut Cupcakes with light and airy 7 Minute Frosting also proved to be a winner as a post dinner party dessert. Finally, the Blueberries and Cream Cupcakes, which were simply topped with fresh whipped cream, made a perfect addition to Sunday Brunch (they even made a great breakfast treat Monday morning).

This book is already proving itself a winner in my home kitchen, and I would highly recommend adding it to your home library as well.

Cheers and Happy Baking to All!