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I am the resident wine geek, grill master, and overall cook of the group. I’ve been a foodie as long as I can remember. I attribute my love of food to my time in the Boy Scouts during my childhood. I learned rather quickly that if I wanted to eat well on outings, I needed to be the one doing the cooking. My passion for wine came about later in life when I first started traveling for work. During a trip to the Pacific Northwest, I was introduced to joy of wine tasting and to this day, I am always open to trying exciting new wines.

I’m a native Texan and I currently reside in Austin. Over the past 10 years I have traveled to numerous countries for work and holiday. During those trips, I make it a point to try out the local street vendor food. From “beef” tacos on the streets of Mexico at 4am to the pickled duck feet in the markets of Taipei, I’ll try anything once. Maybe twice.

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I am the photographer, the world traveler, bizarre food eater, and undisputed volume eating champion of the group (ask Jon about the last time we went to Fogo de Chao). I’m a humble desk jockey by day, food enthusiast by night (and during lunch breaks). Because I’m young and single (2015 UPDATE: even though I’m old and married), you can often find me out on the town at local restaurants on a constant quest to find best food in Austin.

While I call Austin my home, I lived in the mountains of Tennessee for 10 years and in the city of Atlanta, Georgia for 12. I’ve traveled to approximately 18 different countries in the last 8 years and it’s a goal of mine to visit every continent in the world in order to sample new, unique, and sometimes weird foods from each location. When I’m not behind a knife and a fork (or chopsticks), you can find me kicking a soccer ball, hanging out with friends, or taking portraits of cool people.

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