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Bacon Salt Ingredients and Nutritional Information

When we first heard about Bacon Salt a couple of years ago, Jon immediately bought a couple of bottles for both of us. It held such promise… after all, bacon makes everything taste better!

And for a while, it was amazing! I dashed it on eggs, on mashed potatoes, on chicken, on everything. It really did taste like bacon, if it was a bit on the salty side. Slowly though, as the newness of bacon salt wore off though, reality set in.

I noticed that I wasn’t feeling too good for a while (slightly light headed) but I didn’t tie it to the bacon salt at all. One day though, I accidentally poured too much bacon salt on my eggs. Figuring that I could just wipe off a bit of bacon salt and add another egg to dilute the salt, I ate the heavily bacon salted fried egg.

Man that was a mistake – I immediately got a big headache and I had to lie down and go to bed early in order to sleep the headache off. The next morning, wondering what in bacon salt could have caused this unfortunate turn of events, I read the ingredients list. Surely enough, the 7th ingredient out of about 24 ingredients was MSG (monosodium glutamate) and I knew I had gotten headaches from MSG in the past.


Also, I was thinking to myself… this product contains 24 ingredients, with some ingredients containing 5-6 sub ingredients!?!? For the sake of not preserving myself from the inside out, I switched back to normal salt.

So, in summary: Bacon Salt was very promising and tasted really good until it started to give me a headache. It might be funny and a novelty, but for health reasons (weird artificial flavors and preservatives) I wouldn’t recommend using it on a daily basis. In short, there is NO substitute for real bacon!

Everyone loves bacon Bacon BaCoN BACON!

Everyone loves BACON!

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  1. There’s always Natural Bacon Salt without the MSG. If I wasn’t putting Bacon Salt on everything I’d go back to just spooning MSG into everything. One day I found MSG at an Asian market in a giant bag…I put it in everything…until I switched to Bacon Salt.

  2. Msg headaches are a myth. The headache probably came from the chemical cocktail that is bacon salt.

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