Photos from the Austin Food Wine Festival 2013 @ Butler Park

The 2013 Austin Food and Wine Festival just wrapped up, and it was full of memorable experiences and excellent tastings & cooking demonstrations from celebrity chefs.

For Austinites who are fans of the Food Network, the festival was the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with some of their favorite stars, such as Andrew Zimmern, Marcus Samuelsson, Christina Tosi, Tim Love, and Paul Qui.

The whole weekend was packed full of events, day and night. Lesson learned for next year, there is A LOT going on during the festival and you can really only take advantage of all the food and drink if you don’t stuff yourself or drink too much too early in the day. Pacing yourself and just tasting is the name of the game! The Food & Wine Festival is a marathon, not a 100m dash.

The following photos capture snippets of Days 1 and 2 of #AFWFEST 2013.


MJ ready to get started at the Food and Wine Festival in Austin

Marcus Samuelsson interviewed at the W Hotel in Austin, Texas – 2013

Grilling Demonstration on Day 1 of the Austin Food & Wine Festival

Andrew Zimmern and Tim Love prepare for a Grilling Demonstration at the Austin Wine and Food Festival

Row upon row of Weber grills before Andrew Zimmern’s grilling demo

Pigs on a spit at the Austin Food and Wine Festival – Austin, TX

Bill Norris examines beer in a shot glass during his beer tasting class

Beer Tasting at the Austin Food and Wine Festival 2013

Andrew Zimmern 2 ways during his Wild Bird 3 Way demonstration

DJ Mel spining tunes in the tasting tent

John Bates of the Noble Pig

Pork Pastrami from the Noble Pig – Austin Food Wine Festival 2013

Grilled Shrimp from the Gilmores (Jack & Bryce) of Barley Swine / Jack Allen’s Kitchen

Roasted pork on a beet sauce from the Gilmores (Jack and Bryce)

Austin Skyline in the background of the Austin Wine and Food Festival

Awesome Kale salad from the Carrilon

Josh Watkins of the Carrilon with a shirt that says, “Lettuce Turnip the Beet”

Lemon Lavender baked goods

Fancy Frito Pie in the bag from Ranch 616

Shrimp Chorizo

Natanya Anderson dishes on Social Media and food at Austin Food and Wine Fest 2013

Columbus Salami – Austin Food and Wine Fest 2013

Good desserts from the somewhat unfortunately named “Butterface”

David Alan AKA the Tipsy Texan speaks about drinks, Austin, and his upcoming book

Hope you enjoyed these photos from the Austin Food and Wine Festival 2013

Happy Tasting,

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